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Aykut Coşkun - The identification of behavioral and contextual factors affecting food waste in the food service industry and the acceptance of technological interventions to reduce this waste through design-oriented research


An in-depth investigation of the causes of food waste in the food service industry, which was the second biggest contributor of food waste after households, and the development of new design interventions to prevent this waste is an essential need in the field. The project aims to obtain a design guide that considers the different behaviors, intentions, and attitudes of food service industry stakeholders and assists in developing technological interventions that effectively reduce waste in different types of food service. Semi-structured interviews and diary studies will be used to examine food waste in various food service companies in Istanbul. Co-creation workshops will be used to create new design interventions with stakeholders (managers, chefs, cooks, service personnel, and consumers). The project will pave the way for new ideas, prototypes, and products to reduce food waste in the food service industry.